Winners of the Salomon Foundation Residency Award 2018, Arnaud Eeckhout (1987, BE) and Mauro Vitturini (1985, IT) have founded VOID out of a common ambition : to use sound as a medium to represent reality.

The emblematic immateriality of this medium is given shape through an interdisciplinary practice that connects different fields in the form of installations, sculptures, objects, books, drawings, videos, paintings, performances…
Sound fascination lies in its feature to be so powerful while being so invisible and immaterial - as evoked by the duo’s name VOID. Sound needs matter to exist, to spread through. In VOID’s work, sound doesn’t only find different materials to become invisible: it becomes the material itself.
Their practice addresses the same philosophical, poetic or formal issues as the paint on a painter’s canvas. But for VOID, the question of representation starts from a different point: how to see with the ears.
Despite its focus on sound, VOID’s research immediately found its place in the visual art field with ambition of freeing the acoustic medium from the common tendency to restrict it to other fields. Driven by an experimental research in which theoretical inputs and empirical experiments interact, the forms come up by trials and mistakes, sometimes in collaboration with scientists or engineers. The creative process occupies an essential place in every artwork of the duo, where nothing completely freezes.

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Collective founded in 2013
by Arnaud Eeckhout (BE), born in 1987 
and Mauro Vitturini (IT), born in 1985

Live and work in Brussels, Belgium

Solo exhibitions 

SARATM * Souvenir Archival Recording Apparatus *, Musée du Jardin Botanique, Brussels, Belgium


[vwaʁ], Galerie Papillon, Paris
L'homme qui tend une parabole vers le ciel, installation, Wolubilis Theatre, Brussels, Belgium
L'équipe de nuit, LMNO, Brussels, Belgium


Performance Breathing tone (grey), Musée Arter, Istanbul, Turkey

Voyager, Galleria Massimodeluca, Mestre, Italy

Not every flag has the same shadow, LMNO, Brussels, Belgium

Orgue basaltique, ARTcontest vitrine, Galerie Rivoli, Brussels, Belgium
Tigers in flip-flops, Galleria Massimodeluca, Mestre, Italy

Monographie Arts 10+6, La Médiatine, Brussels, Belgium
Lorem Ipsum, Maison des Arts de Schaerbeek, Brussels, Belgium

Sound never dies, MAAC, Brussels, Belgium
Silences, Arsonic, Mons, Belgium
OFF Course Art Fair, Tour et Taxis, Brussels, Belgium
Mulhouse 015 Biennale, Mulhouse


Group exhibitions

The sea in sound and image, Concertgebouw Brugge, Belgium
La montagne d'or, Château de Servières, Marseille
Le voile du palais, PHAKT Centre Culturel Colombier, Rennes

From translating to transcoding, Société d'électricité, Brussels, Belgium
Loving Art, Making Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
Surprise ! , BPS22, Charleroi, Belgium
Festival (((INTERFÉRENCE_S))), Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, Paris
L’École de Mons, 1820–2020, Beaux-arts Mons, Belgium Revolution, Marina Bastianello Gallery, Mestre, Italy

30 ans pile ! , Galerie Papillon, Paris
Prix Médiatine 15#1. Manifeste pour une création visuelle actuelle, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, Paris
Régénerations, LMNO, Brussels, Belgium

Artissima Sound, OGR, Turin, Italy
Roma Europa Festival, Mattatoio, Rome, Italy
Miroir2/biennale, Enghien, Belgium
Wonderspaces, San Diego, USA
Wishes, LMNO gallery, Brussels, Belgium
Ars Musica, Les Brigittines, Brussels, Belgium


NEoN Festival, Dundee, UK
Art public, Charleroi, Belgium
Nouveaux Westerns, BAM, Mons, Belgium
BANG!, Church of Beguinage, Brussels, Belgium
SYNC!, Iselp, Brussels, Belgium
Au pied de la letter, BAM, Mons, Belgium
Ville des mots, WOLUBILIS, Brussels, Belgium
Radieuse, capitolo 98, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Brussels, Belgium
Audio Mimesis, Le Bon Accueil, Rennes


Not All That Falls Has Wings, ARTER - space for art, Istanbul, Turkey
Hors de portées, Galerie Detour, Namur, Belgium
Interstices, Artothèque, Caen
Il linguaggio come scoperta, MLAC, Rome, Italy


Chaotic passion, Museo d’arte contemporanea Villa Croce, Genova, Italy
Something Else – Off Biennale Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
Art Contest, De Markten, Brussels, Belgium
Kikk Festival, Namur, Belgium
MAAC PANORAMA, MAAC, Brussels, Belgium
Semaine du son, MIM, Brussels, Belgium
Citysonic, Mons, Belgium
Dancity Festival, Palazzo Candiotti, Foligno, Italy
ARTour, La Louvière, Belgium


Annizero, FAL, Bari, Italy
Ars Musica, La Raffinerie, Brussels, Belgium
PROXÉMICA, MACG, Mexico, Mexico
Un rumore bianco, ASSABONE, Milan, Italy
Performances, Le Vecteur, Charleroi, Belgium
Motivi di famiglia, Villa Toppo Florio, Udine, Italy


Life, death and Beauty, BAM, Mons, Belgium
Essere io non ha misura, Macro Testaccio, Rome, Italy
M4m Forum, Ponec Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic

Public commissions

 Mappe sonore, Belfius Art Collection, Brussels, Belgium
2019 Tapage nocturne, Université Saint-Louis, Brussels, Belgium
2019 Synonym’s synonyms, Université Saint-Louis, Brussels, Belgium
2017 Synonym’s synonyms, Art public, Charleroi, Belgium
2017 Synonym’s synonyms, Ville des mots, Brussels, Belgium
2015 Bancs, ARTour, La Louvière, Belgium
2013 523 names of soldiers dead in action pronounced at the same time, Monument aux Morts, Mons, Belgium



Salomon Foundation Residency Award, ISCP, New York, USA

Prix Médiatine, Brussels, Belgium

Prix du Hainaut, Maison des géants, Ath, Belgium


Vehbi Koç Foundation, Istanbul, Turkey 
Province du Hainaut, Belgium
Private collections in Europe and United States

Residencies and Grants 


Residency in art and science researches, with the KIKK and UNamur, Namur, Belgium 
Overtoon, Brussels, Belgium

Darsena Residency #3, Mestre, Italy


Artist Residency MAAC, Brussels, Belgium
Art Contest, finalists, Brussels, Belgium
Artist Residency Fondazione Aurelio Petroni, Salerno, Italy

Smartup Optima, finalists, Naples, Italy
Talent Prize, finalists, Rome, Italy


2012 Bachelor in Painting, Accademia di Belle Arti, Rome, Italy (Mauro Vitturini)
2013 Master in Public Art, IDM, Art2, Mons, Belgium (Arnaud Eeckhout)