Private view Saturday 30 January, 3:30-8:30pm

The exhibition 198920072016 marks a turning point in the gallery’s history: Associates for
9 years, Claudine and Marion Papillon present 3 x 9 artists to celebrate the gallery’s
27th anniversary and proudly announce it’s new identity: Galerie Papillon.

1989-2007 : Erik Dietman, Hreinn Fridfinnsson, Lotta Hannerz, Frédérique Loutz, Javier
Pérez, François Ribes, JC Ruggirello, Elsa Sahal, Françoise Vergier
Since 1989, Claudine Papillon has worked with over 40 artists. Loyal to her continuous
engagements, she defended the work of numerous artists who have since become
emblematic of the gallery. By unceasingly exploring the young French and International
contemporary art scene, her team grew steadily and her personal line became more and
more identified.

2007-2016 : Grégoire Bergeret, Cathryn Boch, Gaëlle Chotard, Luka Fineisen,
Joël Kermarrec, Charles Le Hyaric, Jana Sterbak, Didier Trenet, Tatiana Wolska
Since 2007 Marion and Claudine Papillon direct the gallery together. Since then, 9 new
collaborations highlight their common sensibility for paper support, poetry, humour, irony
and audacity.

2016 : Léa Barbazanges, Berdaguer&Péjus, Stéphane Calais, Céline Cléron, Christelle
Familiari, Mounir Fatmi, Raphaëlle Peria, David Raffini, Iris Schiller
This inaugural group show launches Galerie Papillon. The exhibition features 9 invited
artists who investigate new views and initiatives, they suggest new implications and offer
different perspectives.