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Luka Fineisen

Instants of Change

August 31 – September 21, 2019

Opening Saturday August 31, 3 – 10 pm



8th edition of Passage Pas Sage

With the galleries christian berst art brut, SatorIsabelle Gounod and Papillon


For her second solo at the gallery, Luka Fineisen continues her research on space, material and body while bringing out figures, which is a new and exciting approach for her.

She creates a universe that plays on contrasts, all in white and black, light and heavy, tender and raw. The one who enters it becomes himself a figure of this space in which his body is confronted with the soft and strange. An unidentifiable form welcomes him/her. Organic and dark, it still seems to be in motion, dripping, trying to crawl to the ground. While in the air, a light and transparent veil, as if worn by the wind, invites you to move forward to the point where it touches the ground, in the heart of the alcove.

Even though completely exposed to be seen from all sides, a woman (Realization) sits by herself, contemplative, with her hanging legs transformed into a transparent drop, symbolizes change, letting go, a new idea or emerging thought. Her feet, on which she usually stands, dissolve, as if she were now carried by obvious and natural supports. A man (With ease) whose head and feet are in the open air is immersed in a transparent liquid as if frozen in a block of ice. Nevertheless, from his left hand, rather than from the right, fine and delicate bubbles escape.

Within this inhabited space, the visitor thus encounters a multitude of small universes, confined worlds that freeze states, situations... Here a man reaching out to catch honey, on the wall a piece of delicate tenderness, a handful of indefinable material laid there, white as snow, appetizing (Unconditionally). Not far away, two Demons, each in his own cosmos, try to get together while a woman trapped in her own thoughts carries a weight on her shoulders.

In these suspended moments, we perceive the opulence of matter, its expanding potential, however, faces minimalism and an ascetic atmosphere. Autonomous, each telling its own story, all these worlds are also associated in the flow of a single mise en scène. Defying the laws of gravity, these floating, melting worlds are as many opportunities for the artist to make the impossible possible and above all to capture a moment of change, a material in transformation, and thus preserve them. Seize the present moment so that it never disappears: Instants of change.

Luka Fineisen – Born in 1974, Offenburg (DE).
Graduated from the Düsseldorf School of Fine Arts, Luka Fineisen now lives and works in Los Angeles.
In 2012, she invested the patio of la maison rouge – foundation antoine de galbert - with the installation Fluide parfait. In 2013, as part of the event Transfer Korea - NRW, her works were presented in several institutions in Germany and South Korea. Luka Fineisen is currently working on a project in the public space in Cologne, Germany.

© Luka Fineisen, Subconscious, 2019, resin