CathrynBoch_sanstitre_2016_detail_3_jcLett_NET.jpgCathryn Boch’s works are an invitation to discover a carnal, tactile territory, a fertile atlas, both concrete and fictional, personal and universal. It is a journey of the body, an itinerary drawn by the arm of the artist, which creates the destination. There are no longer any compass points or direction of reading, but rather open signs and symbols that offer the possibility of connecting with them, of finding our way around them. This teeming agitation made of trajectories, intersections, shocks, deviations, reliefs, from threads to lines, clusters, fragments of stitched maps, stretched until they tear, folded, unfolded, manipulated, sculpted, yields a visual, telluric seismography. We can imagine the physical intensity that underlies the production of these pieces.
Cathryn Boch relentlessly draws a world commensurate with her imagination, drawing from the use of this rich palette of black dies a novel pictorial experience in which shadows and lights bolster the sensation of sedimented motifs and stratified memories. Yet it is the singularity of this life that leaves its mark, just as something more general touches us and connects us with Cathryn Boch: an obstinacy of being.

Pascal Neveux
Excerpt from An Archeology of the Tangible
To be published in Cathryn Boch’s monograph, October 2016

Cathryn BOCH – born 1968, lives and works in Marseille. A graduate of the École supérieure des Arts décoratifs de Strasbourg in 1996, she has done several residencies abroad, in Lisbon (1999-2001), Vilnius (2006), and in Poland (2009). Her works have been purchased by major public collections, such as the FRAC Picardie and PACA, the MAMCO in Geneva, the Fond National d’Art Contemporain and the Musée National d'Art Moderne. Her work is particularly well represented in the exhibitions of major private collections such as Antoine de Galbert’s Le Mur at the Maison Rouge or the Florence and Daniel Guerlain Donation at the Centre Pompidou. In 2015, the FRAC PACA organized a solo exhibition of her work at the Plateau expérimental. « monades » is her second solo show at the Papillon Gallery, and focuses exclusively on the research and production of the past year.