Charles Le Hyaric’s work is concerned with matter, time and space, but sometimes also with experimentation, and even with sensory experience. In his choice of media, first, and then in his innovative preparations, the artist always combines intellect and sensation.
Sight and touch are central to his work, but so are hearing and smell.
Le Hyaric collects, transmutes and invents. He patiently observes the influence of time on matter, and how two fluids that seemed incompatible can mingle on the canvas.
He is equally interested in the exhibition space itself, a space where his pieces find shelter, and a space that he transforms for the duration of an ephemeral installation, like this one at the Galerie Papillon from 3 to 24 September 2016.

Claudine and Marion Papillon remain faithful to their poetic and daring commitments by giving Charles Le Hyaric carte blanche for the first time. The artist invites visitors to the heart of an “eye-opening journey”. His site-specific installation is reminiscent of a William Turner landscape. It is immersive and contemplative, and its delicate construction reveals there is even something romantic about it.

The title REGULUS comes from a star in the Leo constellation, but also from the Turner painting representing the last, blinding vision of a Roman general whose eyelids had been removed.
To materialize this vision, Le Hyaric chose tracing paper.
This type of paper is both translucent and opaque, resistant and flexible. It receives every one of the artist’s gestures and retains it, producing a variety of textures. New imaginary landscapes then come into sight, and they are imbued with a true depth.

The installation piece is organic in places, more delicate in others. It hovers between the earth and the sky, as if to capture a certain theory of the sublime. Enhanced by an omnipresent light, it offers the visitor to enter a form of celestial mirage, and to “remove nature of its darkness, and the earth of its weight”. (Marcel Brion).

Charles LE HYARIC – born in 1987, lives and works in Paris.  Charles the Hyaric graduated from the École supérieure d’Art Graphique Penninghen and continued his studies at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. In 2015, he presented his latest works during a solo exhibition at the Galerie Papillon. His installations and monumental sculptures are often site-specific, and part of collective exhibitions: at the Academy of Fine Arts in Riga, Latvia in January 2016, and currently at the Galleria Continua in Les Moulins, Sainte-Marie, France, until September 25, 2016. REGULUS is a site-specific installation.