Dieter Roth

october 8th - november 19th 2022

Echoing our participation in Paris+ by Art Basel, we present in our space UPSTAIRS, a rare set of works by Dieter Roth: his "Grafik" are editions that have become unique!

Out-of-ordinary artist, Dieter Roth produced a body of work with immense diversity and scope: drawings, books, paintings, sculptures, art objects, installations, as well as audio and video works.

He had this incredible ability to transform everything into a work of art, as he did for his first exhibition at Galerie Papillon, then on rue Turenne, in 1989 : he transformed his Gartenskulptur (which is now part of the Schaulager collection since 2003) by collecting everything around him such as dishes, tools, a broom and even rainwater !

Throughout his life, Dieter Roth led a nomadic existence, maintaining studios in different cities while cultivating a vast network of artists and friends. He always invited other artists to participate in his solo exhibitions. He made many collaborations, his joint creations with other artists, most notably with Richard Hamilton.