As if nothing…

Frederic Lecomte pushes the boundaries of drawing in this exhibition at Gallery Claudine Papillon. Animated video is projected on painted glass, vinyl draws invisible circles in the air while oversized feathers scribble secret letters. Lecomte's works refer to the origin of graphic gesture and classic remorse. The artist goes beyond the conventional definition of drawing as lines are physically implemented into the gallery space.

Lecomte attacks ferociously different subjects of our time, proposing his ethical concerns with paradoxical lightness while constantly reinventing himself. 

For Lecomte, the exception derives from the ordinary. But the material is not the most important, it's the tone which is crucial, and the works represented in this exhibition are almost too beautiful, almost too finished, questioning and undermining common ideas of the always largest, strongest and most beautiful. It seems tiring to be the last, even worse to be first, while it takes heart to fight the daily routines.

Design always says more than a photo because it shows less, fragments, shards give us the greatest pleasure, as life gives us great pleasure when we look as fragment. We never drank a bottle of wine from the bottle, we divided it out the number of glasses as there are people to the table and how everything seems horrifying and seems, in fact, perfectly completed. It's only if we are lucky, when we approach the reading, to turn something over, finish, yes, completed in a fragment that we obtain a great and sometimes the most greater enjoyment. It's only when we realize, each time with Lecomte that all and perfection don't exist that we can imagine and do machinations with the principle of equality for the lifeblood of any experience.