Group show avec Cathryn Boch, Gaëlle Chotard, Céline Cléron, Erik Dietman, Hreinn Fridfinnsson, Mehdi-Georges Lahlou, Frédérique Loutz, raphaëlle Peria, Javier Pérez, Dieter Roth, JC Ruggirello, Elsa Sahal, Didier Trenet

February 3 2024 - March 28 2024

(Interruption from 02/27 to 03/05)

Erik Dietman claimed that the most beautiful sculptures were trees (and chairs!)
Monumental, modular sculptures that change shape and colour with the seasons and wind. What could be more beautiful ?
The eternal subject of painting, photography, video and sculpture. What could be more beautiful ?
The eternal partner of our lives - the tree of life ; the witness of our loves - going to see the leaves upside down ? - bite into the apple ; a symbol of our vitality - what we're made of... In short, a world of our own, a world of weight, a world of wood.
Claudine Papillon, janvier 2024