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Dieter Roth, Sans titre, 1989

curated by fontaine b. and Jens Soneryd

7 novembre 2018 - 15 décembre 2018

Galerie Papillon in collaboration with Berlin / Paris based curatorship hybrid fontaine b. are presenting a new exhibition UPSTAIRS. 

Works by Dieter Roth, Nam June Paik and Henrik Strömberg. 

Building a cohesive discourse based on the opposition of independent terms related, on one hand, to the fleeting notion of the object, the passing of time, the bio-degradability of art, and on the other hand – the grid. Time, nature, life are impossible to cage, yet these three artists are taking up the challenge. Bread, chocolate, breath, mould, and finally, the ever used ephemerality of paper, are organised in ways based on a logical system, thus adding rationality to the seemingly chaotic.